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MA :: Melanie Vigouroux by sabrella MA :: Melanie Vigouroux by sabrella


Name: Melanie Vigouroux
Nicknames: Mellie, brat

Birthday: 7/9
Age: 18

 5'7'' | 175 cm
Weight: 136 lbs | 62 kg

Occupation: Student
Nationality: French

||Hero themed||

Super Hero Identity: Maned Howler

Melanie's miraculous grows a tail once she transforms. Once she has used her power, the tail starts to shed to show how much time she has left before de-transforming.

 Two spiked brass knuckles
Melanie was lucky with her weapon as she prefers hand-to-hand combat. They're comboed with her powerful kicks.

- Enhanced hearing and speed
- Night vision

Power: Roundhouse kick

A one time-only use.
With this power she can kick down any door or break a hole trough any wall. Once the kick is used, successful or not, she will have five minutes before she returns to her civilian form. Her kick is only able to break trough walls or doors, no other objects or living beings. Objects or living beings will only be slightly damaged. 


{+ Confident | + Daring | + Witty | = Sarcastic | = Independent | = Outspoken | - Judgmental | - Opinionated | - Loud 

Describing Melanie can be a difficult task. The girl is so spontaneous and unpredictable that it is hard to pinpoint her exact traits. She is super confident in herself and her abilities and is not afraid to flaunt it. Be it taking up dares, getting in a fight or just overall confidence, Melanie will prove herself. She has never been a pushover and does not see herself ever becoming one. Her pride keeps her feet planted firmly on her high pedestal. Not to say she believes she is better than you, she absolutely does not! She just strongly believes that to be something, you have to act like you are something. That being said, her confidence and pride can cause her to get into trouble. She is highly opinionated and will fight you if yours is different from hers. She is very vocal about her opinions too, so once you have voiced your dislike for her opinion, you will never hear the end of it. If you do oppose her every belief, be prepared to never get on her good side. Although both she and her friend managed to change for the better, does not mean she believes everyone could. She will loudly judge your every move and if you think she has finally had enough, you will probably do something that will make her vocal chords start their engine once again. 

Melanie plays one team sport, football, and it sure shows. Outside the football fields, she has absolutely no idea how to cooperate with someone. If anything goes wrong she is likely to blame it on you rather than herself. If anything goes right, you will bet she will celebrate as she did it all on her own. But Melanie is not all bad, she is actually pretty sweet if you get past her rough and loud exterior. She is a loyal and reliable friend who will take your problems on her owns shoulders. You can make sure she has got your back trough everything.

Maned Howler

{+ Reliable | + Alert | + Dedicated | = Proud | =  Independent | = Confidential | - Impulsive | - Impatient | - Flirty 

As Maned Howler all of her personality traits are amplified. Excusing a few exceptions, she is the same person only doubled. She is louder and more confident than ever. She will shout insults at her opponent and go into battle with so much confidence that it can be compared to cockiness. She is impulsive and reckless and will rather go in head-first than sit back and think of a plan. When she has to think of a plan, however, she is extremely impatient and will probably think for a few seconds before she jumps into action. She has never had a partner and for good reason. No would be able to keep up with her! So, she has decided to go solo until she has found a partner who is actually able to put up with her for more than five minutes. However, Maned Wolf will not leave anyone in distress. She will make sure everyone is okay before running off either to finish the mission or pursue the attacker. In her eyes the people are her first priority. She often patrols the streets of Paris, eyes alert for any sign of a person in danger. She is dedicated to make sure that every citizen in Paris is safe and sound at all times. If it was not for her mother, she would probably not think of their safety as highly as she does. 


Melanie's life was, for the most part, uneventful. She lived a comfortably peaceful life with her father and grandmother. Her mother would have been there too if it was not for her job as a military nurse. She was deployed a lot and barely had time for the normal family life. Melanie missed her mother, of course, but the feeling never stopped her from living a normal, healthy life. Her childhood was mostly spent running from child to child asking to be friends. Melanie was always interested in getting to know different people and about their lives. She had a lot of friends during her earlier school years due to her outgoing and witty personality. They were not exactly friends she could imagining herself having for the rest of her life, they were simply companions she needed at that time and place.

Some of her friendships lasted to her high school years, but she decided that hanging out with friends during her free time was not all she wanted to do. Melanie signed up to a lot of activities including: Ice skating, gymnastics, horseback riding, skateboarding and football. Her father was happy that his wife earned enough money for Melanie to be able to enjoy these hobbies. There was one person Melanie encountered in every activity she was in, a girl named Elenor. Elenor was from a wealthy family from England who had moved to France due to her father's work. Because of her parent's workload, they were never home, so Elenor had signed up for after-school activities to keep her busy and out of a spiral of boredom and loneliness. Melanie, being able to somewhat relate, befriended Elenor and it was only a matter of time before they became inseparable. A problem Melanie faced after befriending Elenor was seeing how her personality was outside of their shared activities. She was a rebel. She went against a lot of rules and was extremely unpredictable. Melanie was not a girl to be easily influenced by people, but her friend liked just about every single thing she liked. So if Elenor went up against rules, Melanie thought that she should too. This worried her father to an enormous extent. He always thought the Melanie had what she wanted and had no need to rebel against him. A thought hit him, it had to be because of her absent mother. Even though Melanie's rebellious phase was all due to Elenor's influence, there was an ounce of truth in her father's suspicion. Melanie had not seen her mother since she was 4 years old. Deciding that change was needed, he called her mother to convince her to go on a break. Melanie's mother was flabbergasted at the thought that her only child was being difficult. She was so sweet when she had seen her last, but she then understood that it could have all been because she was never there. The next chance she got to go home, she took it. A year passed before she had the oppurtunity to go home, but when once she did, Melanie broke down. She had no idea of what to feel with her mother's return. She was sad, happy, confused, but all the came out of her was rage. How did her mother dare to abandon her daughter. Melanie stormed out of her home and spent the next week sleeping over at Elenor's house. Melanie managed to get into more trouble than ever. Elenor definitely took advantage of Melanie's fury. She went along with everything she said. It was around this time that Melanie found her miraculous. 

Meeting Rikke strongly changed her view on things. Instead of going along with whatever Elenor did, Melanie opposed her. She dismissed every bad thought her friend had and challenged her if she got mad. Melanie hated the thought of her friend continuously having bad ideas, but no matter how hard she tried, Elenor would not be persuaded. Melanie might have changed her views, but that did not mean Elenor would. They got into a huge fight which ended with both of them getting hurt. Both physically and emotionally. When she came home that night, with bruises all over her body, she went straight to her grandmother for treatment and words of encouragement. She ignored her mother completely. Melanie did not have time to think about petty family matters. She had to find out what to do with Elenor. Fight or not, she still considered her a friend. Then the thought struck her: if Melanie could not do it as Melanie, she could maybe do it as her newly found alter ego, Maned Wolf. It took a while before even Maned Wolf got through to her. Elenor did not believe that Maned Wolf was someone who could break her, she could not believe she was a real "superhero" either. However, the day Maned Wolf managed to save her life from the man who introduced her to her lifestyle, was when her mind changed for the better. Later that day, Elenor apologized to Melanie and said she wanted to start from the beginning. The words struck a nerve withing Melanie. Even after all of this, she had still barely spoken to her mother. 

With  handshake and a hug, Melanie forgave her friend. They were going to start again from the beginning during the summer. And before their first year in university, they would both be changed people. With that positive thought in mind, Melanie went home once again. As soon as she stepped trough the door, guilt washed over her. Her mother came back for her sake, she came to see her. That evening, the home of Vigouroux was filled with joyous tears, laughter and love. Melanie's mom got to stay for three months before she had to go back. Melanie knew that she could not blame her for needing to go back. She was out there risking her life to save others, after all. With her hidden identity, she felt that she could finally understand her mother. Family is important, but saving lives is important too. And with a new mindset she fully accepted her duty as Maned Wolf.


Kwami Name:

{+ Rational | + Humble | = Outspoken | = Proud | - Childish | - Loud 

Rikke is both like the wise voice inside Melanie's head and a miniature version of her. She often tries to calm Melanie down when she is stressed or angry, but she can also be there to cheer her on when she is having a verbal fight with someone. She can come up with witty insults and childish jokes. She does not think of it as anything bad, as it is mostly harmless. Once the fight turns serious, she will scold Melanie and tell her what to do to get back on track and make thing better again. Rikke's rational mind has helped Melanie time and time again. And although she takes pride in her work with helping Melanie, she will always praise her partner instead of herself. Rikke is very defensive about what animal she is based on which seem to bit slipped into Melanie's mind as well. The first time Melanie mistook her for a fox, she got quite the earful, it was also the very last time Melanie mistook her for a fox. Rikke can proudly say that Melanie will now defend a maned wolf's looks with her every being. Rikke and Melanie's relationship is a weird one. Rikke has often been caught trying to prank her and Melanie in return decides to ignore most of her words. They go at eachother all the time, but that's okay. Because they know the other means them well. 

History with Kwami: 

Rikke entered Melanie's life at its most vulnerable. She had just seen her mother for the first time in years and in rage, ran away from home. It was evening by the time she found the little box tucked neatly in one of the pockets of her mailbag. She did not remember putting it there, but how else could it have gotten there? It could have been her grandmother, the box looked pretty old after all. Letting curiosity get the better of her, she opened the box. Disappointment was the best way to describe her feelings. Al that was in the box was a black choker. It was nothing flashy and looked pretty dull. Melanie had never been into jewelry besides earrings, and her grandmother knew this. Even if Melanie was furious with her family, she did not want to let her grandmother's gift go to waste. She put on the choker and after a bright light engulfed the everything close to her, she was sure the choker had actually choked her. She was seeing a small, floating animal. Definitely due to the lack of oxygen, the choker was probably too tight, which was weird because it seemed to fit perfectly. 

After blankly staring at the talking, floating animal for what seemed like years, she fainted. She had no idea what caused the action. Shock? Stress? Whatever it was, lack of air was not the reason. For once she woke up again, the animal was still there. She tried to introduce herself again, Rikke being her name, and told this bizarre story about how Melanie had been chosen to protect Paris. It was not a dream, Melanie slapped herself a few times to prove that, but still she did not believe anything of the things 'Rikke' said. Even after she transformed she could not believe it. She was a superhero, with powers, who transforms into a spandex suit and is supposed to save Paris with the help of a tiny, floating animal. Yeah, she could not believe it. But, she decided to entertain the little animal and gave herself the nickname of Maned Wolf. She thought Rikke was a fox, which did not last long because Rikke gave her a five minute speech about how the two animals were very different. So a maned wolf themed superhero called herself Maned Wolf. It was corny, but most superhero names were anyway.

It took a few months for Melanie to get used to her new duties. She had accepted that Rikke was real and so were her new abilities. She had saved a few people, so she was sure this was not something that would go away for a while. And if Rikke was correct, it definitely would not. Her fate seemed to be sealed inside the choker she never took off. Her father thought it was a fashion statement she had during her fading rebellious phase she went through. He thought differently very quickly as she never took it off. Rikke and Melanie had formed a strong bond during their short time together and Melanie relied on her a lot when she had her mask off. 

Partner's Name:

History with Partner:

Significant Other:

- Adalene, mother
- Joel, father
- Belladonna, grandmother

-Elenor (NPC)


Other Relations:


||Extra Info||

+ Snapbacks
+ Sports
+ Social gatherings 
+ Loud music
+ Clothes
+ Her hair

- Silence
- Sitting still
- Group projects
- Sticky things
- Math and Science
- Early birds

 She will use wigs more often than because styling her hair is a pain
 Her natural hair is really short
 She loves running and will often do it in the late evening as an additional workout 
 She is a pretty decent cook, but rarely makes food. Everything her grandma makes is top notch so she does not feel the need to.
 Skateboarding is her main hobby
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